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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  July 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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shooting death of 12 people in aurora, colorado adds fodder for the gun-control debate. the suspect had an arsenal of legally acquired weapons gun- control law hot topic on the talk circuit grizzly shows us presidential candidates seem reluctant to weigh in time for this country to do something that is the job of the president on face the nation mayor bloomberg called out the president and republican candidate mitt romney he says they need to take action it is time we hold them accountable you what our votes what are you going to do both candidates have offered their sympathy, our hearts break with the sadness of this tragedy neither has gone into detail about their views of the second
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amendment this uc-berkeley professor says romney and obama have both been moderate on gun- control. as the governor he has been fairly moderate and did support a variety of factions to restrain gun ownership president obama as far as the traditional democratic approach to gun regulation probably a disappointment, he has bent among democratic leaders among the most moderate grabs conservative on this. there maybe political pressure calling on gun-control he says that may not last long unfortunately with previous kinds of the events this will die down. and and the l a times said jed dianne feinstein suggested this morning i would hope there's a same
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national conversation on guns. this is a bad time to embrace this subject there has been no action and there's been no action because there's no out raged grace lee cbs 5 in aurora cbs services focused on the victims teresa garcia it has the latest sunday's service at in colorado community church dedicated to the shooting massacre. one of the church members was killed in friday's attack. this is a good community people love each other the congregation prayed for the accused gunman james holmes has in mother and father and they carry a big
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burden we forget them to me at the crime scene this man plays 12 crosses one for each of the deceased victims he did the same thing after the columbine shootings. and it is so hard to be back are around aurora, people filling churches turning to prayer to make sense of the massacre, the gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how we got the weapons and the explosives in his apartment. korbel i case to show this was a deliberate pollock process by an intelligent man who wanted to do this president ofobama arrived in aurora this afternoon. teresa garcia cbs news
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president obama met with families of the victims describe his purpose in meeting with them my main task to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know we are thinking of them at this moment and continue to think about them each day. the awareness not only all of america but much of the world is thinking about them might serve as some comfort the president on his way to the bay area. we follow the story closely and developments on our website cbs s f dot com. norwegians marks a grim anniversary one year ago today a gunman went on a killing spree setting off a bomb in oslo's government district, then went
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to an island or a youth group was at a summer camp and shot and killed 69 campers. but they are mixed feelings and sorrow of a loss of the excellent young people we lost at the island and central oslo we will try to find the right balance between remembering and looking ahead the gunman was a right-wing fanatic and authorities say in his purpose was to destroy oslo's multipurpose purpose in multi-cultural society air force one lift buckley air force base one a memorial service is over the president will spend the night in san francisco before going to reno in the morning and return to campaign events in oakland tomorrow afternoon. mitt romney will spend the night in san francisco the nominee and arrived in the bay area this
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afternoon with three fund- raisers on schedule. linda yee is in downtown san francisco. the governor just left the fairmont hotel a few minutes ago, he was here for about an hour-and-a-half he met with several hundred supporters they paid anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 to meet and greet the governor. he came and went through a back why a lot of supporters were outside along with protesters. police anticipated a lot more demonstrators they barricaded the sidewalk across the street from the hotel it only and phil showed up inside supporters met with them for about an hour-and-a-half supporters include peter mcgowan the candidate invited
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and of representatives from the blue star moms military support group. he's a self-made man and has held many people he never talks about he's a good man we feel we need to tax the 1 per cent which includes mitt romney he says he's interested in providing tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations we think that is wrong. we think the wealth they should be taxed and corporations are not people earlier this afternoon the governor attended a $50,000 a person luncheon in woodside at the home of times i bell protesters greeted him at that and then the governor on his way to another private party, another $50,000 a plate dinner at the private home of the pacific heights developer/to
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real-estate developer said. obama is expected to land at s f dot com and will spend the night he has a slew of fund-raisers in the east bay tomorrow. there's an ball is gone, the hammer will fall the penalties facing penn state as a result of the child molestation scandal. the mood in london at of this week's olympic games. impact cooler temperatures in the bay area it is smoking in the end of the monday forecast impact cooler temperatures in the bay area it is smoking in the end of the monday forecast time for school change.
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and iconic symbol of pride and state's main campus has been sent to storage and 900 lbs. that jim and coach joe paterno cover and remove the meds scandal. it is only the beginning of what could be a difficult week on
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campus. dismantling of an icon to 7 ft. tall statue of joe paterno that stet outside the football stadium covered with the tar before workers used jackhammers and forklift to remove it and put in storage. i'm saddened today i see why there's a lot of problems around the statue on monday morning that hammer will come down on the university the ncaa will send down what cbs has learned are unprecedented penalties penn state will not have shows football programs suspended, but when these issues are said and done penn state will wish they had the " death penalty " that is how severe i'm told they're going to be. a report found the leg and head coach and other officials covered up sex abuse allegations
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against jerry sandusky as penn state fans and students watch the removal of the statute some hope the ncaa will go easy on the school. paterno died six months ago the university presidents at this time will stay on the university library because it represents his contributions to academic life that penn state. semel of the olympic spirit has arrived final legs of the ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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opening ceremonies for 2012 olympics start friday this week's ramp up include sightings of the olympic torch this report shows us the anticipation for the games. the sun shines on london
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locals and tourists are able to celebrate and enjoy the pregame festivities and the fund in london in trafalgar square many music venue set up for people to hear music from all over the world, londoners able to enjoy the olympic torch to arrive friday and on sunday day 65 of the tour of the torch it was taken to the millennium will buy a 17 year-old she was the youngest and tuesday to the south pole she got the honor of taking the flame up the new millennium wheel her reaction an incredible experience and to get to the top of the i and look across all of london it was incredible saturday londoner's able to seek a footballer take the torch through a part of london
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he's a footballer who collapsed with a heart attack on the football pitch his heart stopped but recovered a special day on saturday to see him take the torch even for a few minutes through london, the government here and organizers hope having the torch the last few days before the ceremonies will help londoners' get excited about the games and not talk about the worst of traffic that could snarl london. jim told and london hype? we have the typical summer spread with clouds along the shoreline in some places dramatically we have a great contrast between the fog in san francisco where temperatures are 57 degrees go inland to
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dublin, the temperature is 87 plenty of sunshine will look toward mount diablo. at mount diablo 87 to 7 degrees. right now 92 at concord, 90 at livermore 63 at sfo. the numbers can down today to about 16 degrees from yesterday clouds along the shoreline tonight around the bay and in the most denies but windy. mild for the east bay the monsoon flow over the southwest. mushrooms over the eastern sierra that rain at yosemite today. low pressure on the pacific northwest we continually slight cooling trend, the numbers will come down again tomorrow we begin the day with a few clouds over the day in the '50s, in the future cast clouds along the
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shoreline the sun comes up in the clouds burn off the numbers continue to be on the mild side. we will say numbers tomorrow mostly in the mid to upper seventies about 90 degrees inland the airport looks nice thought about 70, the thunder bumpers in denver and new york. for the bay area and a cooling trend temperatures and '80s by mid-week. we won't see i warm up again until next weekend. dennis o'donnell, an emotional day to be a sports fan if you're a baseball player or golfer their british oil and a thrilling finish,,,,,,
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i'm at 0 duck call home of the oakland athletics most exciting team in baseball. today they go for a sweep of the new york yankees. top of the third and bases loaded off the wall in left to run score. yankees jump up to 4-0 lead. top of the theft and the a's chipped away brandon inge a solo shot second home run in as many
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days and 10th home run of the year. kurt suzuki his first home run of the year, team gets in the silent treatment as a goes in the dugout, and then he was mobbed a four-two games. the bottom of the ninth, as solo home run his first of the year given up by rafael soriano's. again tied at 4, bottom of the 12th here's how it ended: coco crisp scores an a's do it again a walk of victory and sweep of the new york yankees. 5-4 the final. the confidence level carries forward to the next game in these type of situations you
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know impossible ever body is up and excited nobody got down we started inching back, we always feel like we have a chance. unbelievable stuff. a's are the hottest team in baseball how about the giants going for sweep of the phillies, they shared a one road trip nate schierholtz gets the start. he led off again with a solar blast to right field. barry zito with a strong outing. he struck out seven felonies. ryan carry on with a great place to get him. the former standout from stanford john mayberry jr. philadelphia takes a 3-2 lead.
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nate schierholtz turns this in his own home run derby. his second of the day the game tied at 3 and extra innings. they pitched to jimmy rollins bass said, that is the ball game giants lose 4-3 but they went 4/5 of the road driving. he will be linked as only two golfers at the give up a 4 shot lead in the final round of the british open. tiger began the day five back. it took him to show us to get out of a bunker on 6 and then 3 biden 4 triple bogey he finished tied for third. adams got a 4 shot lead with four holes to go he bogeyed 15
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and missed a par putt on 16, that open the door for ernie els and. birdie putt on 18 he had four birdies to get in at 7 under. the collapse continues for adams got. his second shot and set up in the rough leading to its third straight bogey and put some in a tie with mariel's. at 18, he recovers and gets the third shot close for part to force a playoff, scott had only four bogeys in first three rounds bodie's the final four holes hernia else when the open championship his fourth career major. i had a lot of support this week you guys have to ask yourselves the question, or you just being nice to me?
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sure i'm very disappointed, i felt like i played well this week and had a great chance. ernie els the champion of the open and coco crisp our special guest on game day from zero dot co hottest team in baseball do you think they'll would be this hot this time of year? did i think they would sweep the new york yankees, no. that is it for eyewitness ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. re they literally pulled my son out of my arms, because he was screaming for me. and, you know, the... the little hand is out. and they're be... he's being pulled away and... >> logan: michael morton spent almost 25 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder. nie astonishing story of how he was released is our story tonight. >> the sun felt so good on my face. >> logan: had you felt it in 25 years?


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